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If you are looking for training that brings you the most relevant, cutting-edge tools and methodology – you’re in the right place. At TRC, rather than duplicating what everyone else provides, I strive to bring you content you won’t find anywhere else.

Upcoming Training

Creating Professional Marketing Tools with Canva

Discover how to create high-quality, professional marketing or educational material for all of your programs and services using Canva.

Creating a Marketing Strategy That Attracts Your Client

Learn how to easily write and create marketing copy that will speak your client’s language and increase participation in your program and services.

Building Employee Morale in Your Agency

Uncover strategies for boosting and maintaining employee morale using creative and practical team-building exercises to help your team feel valued, appreciated, and supported. 

Generating Consistent and Stable Revenue for Your Nonprofit

Explore 9 specific revenue generation methods that can generate a consistent stream of income that will help maintain or expand your current capacity.

Success-Driven Results

Don’t just take my word that I can help you win – hear from those I’ve served and attest to my commitment and transformational solutions.