When I was really at a crossroads with my business. I was just going back and forth and I was really trying to make a decision as to what direction I was going to go. I have a Bridal brand but I wanted to do other business stuff. When Laura sat down with me, she walked me through what the two options and how each would look. Laura saw in me what I didn’t see yet and I think that is her true gift, being able to weed through all this noise in my head. Through coaching, she helped me discern what was trying to do, and what I needed to do, and what I was scared to do. Working with her, I was able to step from behind a lot of the constraints that I had created for myself and get into motion to merge my brand and business ideas. And ever since then it has literally been off to the races. I cannot thank Laura enough for all that she has done. She is a dear, dear friend now and I am just grateful for her.